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First steps

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Main tips

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First steps

First thing to know is how was the previous owner driving the car. Was the car regularly driven by the owner. Was the owner charging the car correctly.

A Karma with low electric mileage should be checked carefully because the car might have some cells in bad condition. Every electric car needs to do charging / discharging battery cycle to stay healthy.

As per our experience, we recommend to drive the car as a daily or at least really often. 1 time a week in full electric and 1 time a month with gas engine should be a minimum. 

Absolutely. If you treat her like a milady, she will bring you very far. Don’t forget that it is not a garage car. The car needs to be constantly driven for the health of the battery.

Best mileage of a Karma today is close to 350’000kms.

We recommend to charge when the car as a low remaining range between 0 – 20km. Remember that the lowest is always the best. 

Avoid charging for a quick stop (ex. 20min charging break). 

It is also good to sometimes let the car charge for 48h – 72h if you can. it balances the cells.

Turn off your car and close it first. Wait until the car goes to sleep mode. You will see the side mirror close and then you will hear a clic at the front of the car. Now plug in the wall socket and then plug in the charging gun. The car will do a charging start sound.

Once the car is ready, unplug the gun and then the wall socket last.

Before doing a ride or a test drive, make sure to have the car charged (80km). Then drive the car on Stealth mode (Electric) until 0km. If you see a quick range dropping at a law remaining range (ex. 20km or less), it means the car has one or more dead cells.

Usually the engine light stay on your display to show there is something wrong

Not necesserly. You can have some module exchanged depending on how many cells are deads.

Main tips

When you want to change direction with the PRND pyramid, always be sure to be completely stopped before switching from Drive to reverse for exemple. Never do it when it is still driving slowly.

In a long time, this can cause a loss off drive

There is a hidden ring under the door handle that can be pulled to open. This problem appears when the 12V battery has to be exchanged. 

The 12V is located behind the front passenger wheel. You will have to remove it to access it.

The button for the window has 2 speeds (manual & auto). keep going down in speed 1 manually. also go up manually until the stop. pull the button in speed 2 to make the reset

The solar panel charges the car’s 12V battery. This allows elements such as the display, headlights, wipers and others to not consume the autonomy of the main battery.

If you left the car for more than 2 weeks, it is highly recommended to let it charge on a 12V trickle charger.

After opening the hood you can plug the negative on a part of the motor. The positive must be plugged on the plus symbol in the front black box.

Never charge the 12V at the same time as the main battery.

For an exchange of the 12V battery, the front wheel on the passenger side must be removed and the battery is located behind.