Fisker Karma, An unknown prototype from another universe

Imagined by one of the most talented designer Henrik Fisker, this car was crafted with natural shapes.

It is one of the first Electric car with extended range (Ever) system. 80km of pure electric driving with a gasoline generator that brings 400km more.

A total of 480 km of endless driving, as you only need to refuel to continue your journey without recharging.

A true concept

It was conceptualized with a lot of recycling material from the inside to the outside. The new era has begun.

The interior offers 4 seats with the battery rack placed in the central column of the car.

The gear selector is also a unique idea as it is shaped like a diamond

There is an incomparable comfort in the cockpit with this impression of being at the controls of a space ship.

With Emotion

The power is displayed with 410HP total and 1330NM of torque that gives you a direct powerful acceleration.

Driving it gives a unique feeling that cannot be explained by any of the owners. It is just an indescribable experience.

It was basically drawned with one timeless pencil line for the pleasure of our eyes.

Fisk… what ? Say it again please ! ​That is what they all say..